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Come and examine for yourself a peculiar city, which is rapidly growing (and reinventing itself) You will naturally take the Elevated Street Railway from the Union Depot and go west. The cars will halt at State line. Here you strike Central Avenue. On your right hand is located Armour's Immense packing establishment, on the left the Union Stockyards. Now you are crossing the Kansas River, on the Central Avenue Bridge. At Riverview Station, three-fourths of a mile from State line, you leave the cars, to look around.
Taking a transfer ticket, which will carry you to Armourdale, or the entire length of Central Avenue, you will here be struck with easy grade of Central Avenue, as it stretches west one and one-half miles, paved the whole distance;

Also Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Streets, run from Central Avenue North and South. Seventh Street is paved for 3 miles; Grades of all property adapted to the highest needs of business. You can hear enter a sewer and walk three-fourths of a mile.


Here you will see the new process for switching cars into the basement of stores, on a large scale, where Goods can be handle more cheaply than by the old plan of having the cars stand in the street or alley. Think of an immense wholesale business, without the train, or a car, in any Street or alley. All favorable to comfort and increased profits.

At the Central Bank you will be directed to the New Market House. Plans are now being carried into execution, which will make this market the most complete of any yet constructed in the United States. Carloads of produce, from 14 different railroads, will here be switched into the basement of different stores, safe from the influence of extreme heat or cold, or Stormy Weather, leaving the streets and alleys for teams. These will be the annex to the market House.

Any information in reference to the sale of lots, which switch privileges, or, for stores with tracks into them, can be had from the agent of the Central Switch Company. The Central Avenue Improvement Company (indirect grandfather to Central Avenue Betterment association) will erect business houses for parties wishing for time.


The highlands, between the Missouri and the Kansas Rivers, together with the bottom land upon the Kansas River and their natural relation to each other, afford the new City advantages, which the combined effort of the East side has not overcome, and it can not. This state of Kansas will have what belongs to her -A great City.


The wonders of the East Side will be but a prelude to what has, and is coming to the West Side.


The first shall be last, and the last first.

Central Avenue.

Where is it? It is the main Business Street two and one half miles long, running East and West to the center of the Consolidated City of Kansas.

What is it? It is the Street from which all Street numbers commence, running North and South. It is the Street near which is located Armour's great Packing House, the Consolidated Electric Light plant, and the extensive buildings of the Keystone Iron Works.

It is the Street which leads into the best located residence property in either Kansas City. And above all, it is the Street which, on account of its central location, is destined to be the greatest business Street in Kansas City, Kansas.

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