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Free Wheels for Kids

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The FreeWheels road to youth empowerment begins with bicycles and extends out into the reaches of our greater Kansas City Community.

Being a ‘biker’ in Kansas City comes with its own set of challenges. Whether it is the need for bike lanes and trails, safe and welcoming parks, updated community maps and resources or painting a mural…. our students are taking the steps to improve the city around them.

At Free Wheels we target our education toward the concerns that our students have for their communities. Our lesson plans range from bike specific skills such as mechanic, ride and safety skills but also include lessons on civic involvement, community resources, land management and much more. Follow the links below to find out about our core programs address these concerns:

Bike Clubs are the after-school programs we host at middle school and community centers across Kansas City, Kansas. We teach safe riding, go on long group rides and choose a community improvement project for the semester.

Earn-a-Bike is the portion of our curriculum devoted to learning bike repair: building up first a bike to give to a younger kid and then fixing a bike for each middle schooler to ride and keep for themselves.

Let’s Get Rolling is the safety and riding skills programming for elementary school students, in school, as part of their PE class.

If you are an educator or bicycle advocate interested in our methods or educational resources we encourage you to drop us a line.

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