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Dia de Muertos

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Catrina Queen Contest - Kansas City On-Line

Registration deadline: October 23, 2021.

Delivery of videos and photographs: October 28, 2021

Remember that the folklore and color of our celebration should be reflected in your Catrina

Winners Announcement: November 1st, 2021

Awards: November 6, 2021

To participate and make your experience pleasant, we ask you to read the following information perfectly.

General information: Send a brief explanation of your career and why you want to participate and a photograph of your model's face on a black background.

The registration contribution is $ 50.00 dollars per participating model, the payment can be in cash or check. It is not allowed to use materials unsuitable for the skin. They must wear mouth covers, gloves and a mask when carrying out photography and video recording sessions. (artist and photographer)


- You will publish your 5-minute video showing the production process of your creation. We must understand your process

- You must tag the sponsors and put the official hashtags.

- You define the schedule to carry out your work, but you must necessarily present it on the established date.

- If you do not have a model, you can put makeup on yourself.

- You will send 1 photographs of your Catrina in horizontal format: 3 full face different angles, 1 on each side, 3 full body and in poses. You will send 1 photograph of artist and model together. Your photos must be high resolution. Your face photographs must be taken on neutral backgrounds, the full-body photographs may be compositions with a background or landscape according to the theme.

During the contest you cannot share your photos on social networks until after submitting the official photos and tagging our page

File submission specifications. You will send your files via to

You have until 11:59 pm to send them on October 28. JPG format ONLY. Your files should be in the following format:

Name_Surname1.jpg, Name_Surname2.jpg etc. Example: Panfilo_HernandezSmith1.jpg

Only photos without retouching will be graded. Remember your images must be sharp and not blurry.

Awards: Second Regional Contest of Catrinas Kansas City 2021 On-line

1st Place: $ 300.00 + trophy + makeup kit

2nd Place: $ 200.00 cash + trophy + makeup kit

3rd Place: $ 100.00 cash + trophy + makeup kit

Important: Only one model can be made up for each registration, an artist can register several models.

You can make up your face, neck and décolleté.

The costumes must be according to the theme established by the tradition of the celebration, no witches or monsters will be accepted.

Hairstyles, headdresses, and head accessories are allowed. Slipper-style shoes or high-heeled boots


1 to 10 points for staining technique, originality, and quality of finish.

1 to 10 points for Makeup-Dress-Accessories Composition.

1 to 10 points for Videography.

1 to 10 points for Photography.

Allowed accessories: Contact lenses, false eyelashes, cosmetic glitter, wigs, headdresses, rhinestones, vintage hats, crowns, and tiaras with floral or other brocades.

Elements NOT allowed: Masks, prosthetics, latex, foams, etc. On the skin. No Halloween and monster day themes will be considered at all.

The help of assistants is not allowed, the creations must be generated by one or a single artist in a single model per record.

The final work to be evaluated by the judges will be the digital material presented. All participants agree to abide by the decision of Thursdays of the contest and the determination of the judges and the score will be final. In case of a tie in the content of scores, the judges will have a second round of scoring under which the winning work will be determined.

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