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Get to know the Neighbors in our Community; Enjoy of the Culture and Celebration of Life!


As our battle in Kansas City, Kansas rages on against blight and unhealthy living conditions, many residents of the Metro are asking how they can help Wyandotte.


In response, C.A.B.A. has organized a strong Volunteer Program. A program designed to serve the Kansas City, Kansas residents who have been subjected to hardship in their lives. 

C.A.B.A. has shown extraordinary courage and resilience in the face of our community’s reality and yet the anxiety and strain our residents live under, are causing serious emotional stress among the most vulnerable - children, the elderly and the psychologically and physically handicapped.


Organizations like C.A.B.A.  that care for these men, women, and children are overworked and understaffed. We need help from Resident Volunteers who will provide help and love for underserved neighbors of Central Kansas City, Kansas.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County has established a special partnership with C.A.B.A.  as the Neighborhood and Business Revitalization Organization on The Central Avenue Commercial Corridor and its surrounding residential areas. Our programs such as La Placita Market, or events like the Central Avenue Parade and all our community engagement initiatives need volunteers.

The greatest demand is for volunteers who will serve as production teams and health activity agents for our community. Administration professionals, event coordinators and promotors are also needed.


All volunteers must be able to invest a minimum of 6 hours per event and cover their own transportation to and from our community or the location of need. Most events will include meals that are provided by donors or event sponsors.

If you wish to serve in the C.A.B.A. Volunteer Program - or if you cannot volunteer but wish to support the program - please call us at 913.281.9222 or email us at


Please emails us requesting information on the Program or Event you would like to Volunteer.


La Placita Market / Grassroots Business Incubator

Summer Start-Up (Youth mentoring program)

Business Excellence

Walk Central Avenue

Walking Club at Bethany Park

Walking Club St. Margaret’s Park

Free Wheels 4 Kids



Earth Day Celebration

Neighborhood Clean Up

Central Avenue Parade

Healthy Parks Initiative

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